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Photo Booth Squamish and Whistler

User friendly and awesome results. 4 flashes and the picture strip will automatically be printed.

So, how does the photo booth work?
Step 1: Choose your picture partners in crime
Gather a whole group or simply fly solo!
Step 2: Choose your props to spice up the picutres
We'll bring tons of props, so you have plenty to choose from.
Step 3: Smile and strike a pose 4 times
Each picture strip has 4 unique pictures, so you'll have 4 times the fun.
And... you can use every shameless pose you know, because you will be safe behind a curtain!
Step 4: Some exciting seconds of waiting
... while the picture strip is being processed and printed.
Step 5: Enjoy your awesome picture strip
Who has the best poses?!

Before and during the event 
Before the event starts our TRAX Photo booth host will set up the photo booth. This will only take minutes and we're ready for action! Our portable photo booth is perfect for every location and event and will fit in any room. We only need power and your input on the photo strip design. Don't worry, we have have dozens of designs to choose from!

During the event our host will instruct all guest on how to use the booth and oversee the whole proces. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. We'lll take care of everything!

The booth

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